Email Marketing

One of the most effective and economical ways to deliver marketing messages to your target market.

By having a strong email marketing channel, we can send targeted messages, communicate with your customers to their specific needs, and build a long-lasting profitable relationship. It’s affordable, simple to execute and measurable. This marketing channel is essential for your company’s bottom line, this low-risk/high-return investment delivers proven results.

At VMG, we design creative, engaging email marketing strategies using customer data and proven processes, ensuring that your message stands out and that your email marketing campaigns are as effective and efficient as possible. We’ve partnered with top email marketing companies to bring you the services you need to stay in touch with your clients. We help you cultivate long-term relationships with new acquisitions as well as your established base, by developing impactful, relevant and optimally deployed email campaigns that connect with people and move the needle.

Our team of email marketing professionals can help you stand out among the crowd by:

  • Maximizing your message with rich visuals and engaging copy
  • Creating bespoke campaigns that resonate with your audience
  • Growing your client list and managing your contacts
  • Extending your social footprint with powerful social media integration
  • Tracking your success with real-time reporting and analytics
  • Validating your marketing strategy and make it easy to plan your next move

Newsletter campaigns

All email campaigns are tailored to fit your business needs and marketing goals. Your needs will be taken care of by creating informative newsletters that will allow you to communicate regularly with your leads and customers.

Professional templates

Studies show that most people react better to images and attractive design. Simply put, plain text doesn’t attract much attention. Our experts will design a newsletter template that will be appealing to your audience. All of your email newsletters will be responsive and can adjust to any device.

Growing your email newsletter list

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Growing your email list is an essential tasks. We will help you build the list by optimizing your website to encourage the audience, with incentives, to subscribe. Building and using an opt-in email list of customers will develop trust, rapport and provide opportunities to spikes in sales. Having a list, that has granted you permission to send them emails, is priceless and the bottom line of many businesses depend on this form of marketing.

The benefits of email marketing

According to our VMG experts, email marketing is one of the best methods to generate leads and it has a very high ROI. Email marketing has countless benefits, and here are just some of them:

  • Customization – One of the many benefits of emailing your list is it can be personalized. Content can be sent to subscribers that meet certain criteria that align with what you want to target.
  • Easy to share – It’s possible to communicate with thousands on your email list in a matter of minutes. There aren’t many other types of marketing methods that can be easily shared like this. Your subscribers are then also able to send the newsletters to their friends and become your brand evangelists.
  • It’s cost-effective – One of the best advantages of email marketing is that it’s cost effective. In comparison to other marketing channels and methods, email marketing will prove itself to be excellent for a given budget.
  • Easy to measure – There are great tracking opportunities for businesses using this type of marketing. Many email platforms allow you to track click-throughs, open rates, bounce rates, and other key metrics. This helps marketers spot how campaigns can be improved and the best thing is that the changes can be made, almost, instantly.

Readers become customers

Each newsletter that we send can be personalized to attract the attention of the ideal customers. Everyone on your email list will receive emails that present pieces of information that are fresh and, most importantly, relevant to them. They get the information they want and see exactly what they would like to buy.

Consistently emailing a list expands reach

Newsletters have better reach than other, more traditional, marketing methods. People frequently check their email inboxes and it’s possible to reach the target audience on their phones, mobile devices, and PCs with this type of campaign.

Why don’t you try an email marketing campaign?

Marketers can witness an unrivaled return on their investment in this marketing channel. This includes the aforementioned benefits and many more.

If you’d, also, like to see a higher ROI, customer loyalty, efficiency, increased reach, and other email marketing services benefits, contact VMG and our experts will explain all the ways our email marketing campaigns can promote your business.