I have applied for a loan, when do I get the money? Read here.

When someone applies for a loan, most people often need to get the money relatively quickly. With most lenders, it takes 1-4 days before you have the money. But there are ways to speed up the process and in many cases get them already within a few hours.

The most important thing for you to be able to receive the money quickly is that you find a lender who has a fast turnaround time and a fast payout time. Some lenders offer payout on the same day and some even direct payout. Then you usually have the money within an hour and sometimes even faster.

Here we give you 5 more tips on how to speed up your loan process and get your money quickly.


Access to BankID, E-identification or Mobile BankID

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Today, almost all application processes take place completely paperless and through the lender’s website. However, this requires a BankID or E-ID, so be sure to have it ready. If you use Mobile BankID, this should be installed on your phone before you apply. A few lenders still send the papers by mail, so be sure to choose a lender where you can sign online with your BankID.


Please provide all necessary information


When you want the money in your hand quickly, it is important that you provide all the information requested. In addition, it is important that you are honest in your application. If there are any uncertainties, it will take much longer to process your application, since a manager has to go through all the details manually. In addition, all lenders take a credit report, so it doesn’t pay off to be dishonest or to omit details about your finances.


Be approachable

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If the lender lacks information or for any other reason needs to contact you, it is important that you can be reached. Check your email regularly and have your mobile phone close at hand so you don’t miss an important call. Also check the spam in your email inbox, so no emails from the lender will end up there.


Apply early in the day

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Applying early in the day facilitates tremendously, as there is a greater chance of getting the payment on the same day. Most lenders do not pay out money on weekends either, so if you are applying for a weekend, you can first expect your application to be processed the next weekday. Most lenders have deadlines for applicants at 12, 13 or 14 for the loan application to be processed the same day.


Your bank plays a role

Your bank plays a role

Most lenders can pay directly if you have the same bank as them. You will then have access to the money after 30 minutes if your application comes in before the deadline. So always check which bank the lender has to secure payment on the same day. Some lenders have several banks they pay out to directly.

With these advice we hope that your loan process will be both easier and faster.