SMS loan with invoice via email

SMS loans are a type of loan that often has a high-interest rate and a subscription and setup fee. It is not uncommon for long-term SMS loans to be more expensive than other loans. With us you can get loans that have lower effective interest rates than the typical SMS loan.

Then you have come to the right lender! With us on Message loan you can decide for yourself how you want to receive the invoice for the sms loan. You can choose to order the invoice via email or regular mail – it’s up to you!


SMS loans with invoice via email – what are the benefits?

sms loan

When applying for a sms loan you want the whole application process to go as smoothly, quickly and easily as the need for money is often critical and therefore you want to get the money as quickly as possible in the account. Getting money quickly in the account means that you can cover your unexpected costs or invest in something that you want to pay for later. The benefits that sms with invoices via e-mail contribute to are:

  • sms with invoice via e-mail goes fast – the invoice is sent immediately to your e-mail address
  • sms with invoice via email makes it easy for you to pay – you can copy the information from the invoice directly to the online bank
  • sms with invoice via email is secure – the invoice is sent via secure connection
  • sms with invoice via email is discreet – the invoice is sent to your personal email address (no one else can see the invoice)


SMS loan with invoice via email – how does it work?

SMS loan with invoice via email - how does it work?

First you have to make an application through our website: you can use the form you find next to apply for sms loans from $1000 up to $30,000. The following steps are that you fill in your personal information and at the same time you can choose which way you wish to receive the invoice for the loan: e-mail or regular mail. The invoice will contain the following information:

  • the loan amount (ie the amount you have applied for)
  • the term of the loan (ie the due date for the invoice)
  • the effective interest rate on the loan
  • the cost of the loan (familiarize yourself with our prices)