Project Description

Using Marketing to Ignite Growth: A Global Brand’s Secret to Achieving Double-Digit Growth in the U.S. Market

About the client

Carrera is a major toy manufacturer and distributor that has dominated the European market since the early 1960s. In 2005, the company opened its own subsidiary in the United States, Carrera of America, Inc.

The challenge

Having joined a new market with virtually no brand presence, Carrera needed help with building a dedicated community from scratch to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

The solution

Carrera of America (CoA) and Venerate Media Group (VMG) began working together in September 2017. First, VMG focused on creating and managing social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with paid and retargeting ads. VMG also created a content hub for retailers to share content with their online audience.

Next, VMG assembled a team dedicated to creating a content calendar that would publish targeted and engaging daily content to attract the right audience organically. VMG organized Facebook contests and engaged daily with the fanbase, quickly converting them into brand ambassadors.

In less than two years, CoA’s Twitter account gained over 7,500 followers, and tweets garnered over one million impressions. The number of Facebook followers quickly grew to 180,000 followers and 500,000 organic impressions. And the Instagram account gained over 10,000 followers and posts earn about 6,000 impressions per week.

In addition to social media posts and images provided by the client, we focused on creating interactive educational campaigns and engaging videos. These were used both for social media and e-commerce platforms to build brand affinity and create double-digit growth in sales.

According to CoA’s president, the company is poised to continue this trend. Not only has VMG boosted CoA’s visibility in the U.S. market, ending 2019 with “high double-digit growth,” but CoA anticipates “even more substantial growth” in 2020, with year-to-date sales higher than the best year yet.

Two-year results

  • 180,000 Facebook followers with 500,000 organic impressions
  • 10,000 Instagram followers with 6,000 impressions per week
  • 7,500 Twitter followers with 1,000,000 impressions


  • Paid ads
  • Retargeting ads
  • Facebook contests
  • Daily engagement with the fanbase
  • Influencer and blogger outreach
  • PPC during the holiday rush